As of October 1, 2022, Mueller will remain accepting reservations for the Browning Hangar until June 1, 2023
For Branch Park Pavilion, Mueller is currently only accepting reservation requests for September 1, 2021 or later
Events & Group Use at Mueller
Frequently Asked Questions
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How should I request a reservation or event?
First, you will need to submit the attached Initial Inquiry Form. Depending on the size, scope, desired location and desired dates of your event we may be able to approve or deny your event or reservation very quickly or it may take several weeks for review. This review time will enable us to determine if the event is an appropriate match, if the use is allowed within our facilities and if the date is available.
Can you check available dates without a completed application form?
No, we cannot verbally verify dates or availability of the Browning Hangar or any park spaces before a completed inquiry form has been submitted. Following completion of the form, a Mueller Representative will contact you in regards to your event. Our availability does depend on the size, scope and impact of your event so we cannot check the schedule without a completed form.
How long does the approval process generally take?
The time frame depends on the scope of your event and how detailed your application is, but generally it takes about two weeks to review. We frequently receive 10-20 applications per week and they are processed as first come-first served.  

Please note that large events (more than 50 people) require a minimum of 90 days after approval for planning.
How much does it cost?
The size and scope of your event determines the total cost of having your event at Mueller.  Small events, typically between 25 and 50 people, require a $25 usage and maintenance fee.  Fees for larger events are determined by the size, scope and impact of the event after the application has been submitted and can be up to $3,500 or more.
Why do you charge a fee?
Mueller’s park spaces are open for public access but are privately owned, maintained and funded at this time by the Mueller Master Property Owners’ Association so a use fee is required for groups over 20 people and any professional uses including boot camps, personal training, professional photography, etc.  to cover the cost of increased cleaning and
trash pickup.
Do you allow private parties such as weddings and birthday parties?
We do not host private events such as weddings, family reunions, graduation celebrations or birthday parties if they are over 50 attendees. Private parties under 50 attendees are allowed if there is no set up (no tents, chairs, music, food, etc.) This does allow for some small private ceremonies but no receptions.
I just have a couple of questions, is there someone I can talk to about my event?
Mueller does not have dedicated event staff so please understand that someone is not generally available to discuss events or reservations until after your application has been reviewed.
I have a fitness group that wants to work out at Mueller. Do I need a reservation for this? What are next steps?
Mueller accepts a limited number of fitness and sports groups. Due to the frequency of use and impact to the park and visitors, and only certain locations may be used and requests are subject to existing group and event schedules. Fitness and sports groups are limited to 50 attendees and require insurance. To request the use of Mueller parks, all groups must submit an online request via the event portal and include a practice schedule. If approved, the group must provide the appropriate insurance certificate. The fees to use the space are $10 per hour for minimal setup.
What sort of setup is allowed for small groups (under 50)?
We do not allow bounce-houses, tables, tents, chairs, sound equipment, catering, electrical or water use for small groups (under 50). Please note that decorations (other than table top decorations) are not allowed because of the possibility of damage and potential liability. This type of setup may be allowed for larger events provided that the appropriate fees, deposits and insurance certificates are supplied and with written authorization only.
Can the Browning Hangar be used for small groups?
Public access for casual, social use or dining in conjunction with the nearby park and the trailer eateries is available during trailer eatery operating hours which are subject to change for groups up to 50 people. Similar to the parks, groups under 20 do not require a fee or reservation for activities within the Guidelines.  

Small Groups of 20-50 people need a reservation and require a small fee. Small Groups may reserve the Hangar, if available during trailer eatery hours. Reservations do not exclude use by others and may be subject to cancellation provisions. The Hangar is intended for casual social and neighborhood use. Commercial, solicitation or sales activities are not allowed.
Will electricity and/or water be available?
Electrical outlets are placed in various locations throughout the park and are only available upon written authorization only with the appropriate fees, deposits and insurance certificates. Potable/drinking water is available at the drinking fountains placed strategically throughout the park. Otherwise, potable/drinking water is not generally available in the parks without prior arrangement.
What are the rules for the Browning Hangar and the park?
Generally dogs must be leashed, no swimming allowed, no alcohol, no glass, no smoking and no fireworks or other highly flammable materials are allowed. All guests during your reservation or event are expected to follow the community’s rules and guidelines.  A full set of park and Browning Hangar rules are available at under Parks & Reservations. You are responsible for making sure all attendees comply with our full set of rules.

Mueller is open to the public and sees tens of thousands of visitors to its parks, trails and green spaces each year. To maintain a welcoming environment, Mueller does not host events that have the potential to impact a wide-range of beliefs or values. These types of events may include religious ceremonies or services, politically-charged or campaign events, gatherings that could incite violence or contradict Mueller’s goals, and groups that present music, movies, speeches or other broadcasts that may be offensive to a child-aged audience. This list is not comprehensive and this policy is always evolving and may change periodically.
Are cars or trailers allowed on the grass or trails?
Cars and/or trucks are not allowed on the grass or anywhere on the park, even to load or unload equipment. Vehicle traffic on the park can cause significant irrigation damage. Exceptions to this may made when there are extenuating circumstances, but all requests must be made in advance and in writing.
Will this reservation/event be on your website?
Typically we post large events on the Mueller Austin Facebook page at
Where can we park? Can we reserve parking spaces?
There are approximately 100 parallel spaces along Aldrich and Simond in addition to 40 spaces in the Lake Park parking lot. These spaces cannot be “reserved” but are open to the public. We also have a parking garage on McBee street for $1/hour. Other event parking is currently limited at Mueller due to construction in the surrounding area. There is no parking in the residential neighborhoods or in front of homes fronting on the parks. If you require additional parking then please note that on your application. We may not be able to accommodate your parking requirements and you may be required to arrange for offsite parking.
Can we have outside catering or bring in additional food trailers?
Small events (50 people or less) are generally not allowed to have outside food unless from the food trailers adjacent to the Browning Hangar and/or a cake. Additional food trailers or vendors are not allowed. Catering may be allowed for large events, but only with written authorization. Please keep in mind that all events serving food are most likely required to provide a City of Austin food permit available from the City of Austin.
Do we have to get any City of Austin permits?
Small events (50 people or less) are not allowed to have set up that would require permits for structures or food. However, large events are subject to all City of Austin permit requirements. Event organizers must provide copies of all applicable permits. A checklist can be found at under the heading “City Special Event Permitting Checklist”.